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About the Badger Marble Club

Badger Marble Club was formed in 1996. We are a group of ageless marble collectors still living their boyhood fun. "You're only as old as your toys make you feel". Marbles and marble games are our passion. Every attic or basement has those childhood toys waiting to be polished, cleaned, and enjoyed again. (Hopefully, Mother didn't throw them out.)

Some of those spherical gems can be worth more than you think. You won't know if you don't bring them to a meeting or a marble show, or maybe you would like to begin collecting marbles. Some Badger Marble Club Members are some of the most knowledgeable to be found. They will be more than glad to help and/or advise you. Anyone with an interest in marbles is welcome at any Badger Marble Club event.

New BMC Newsletter!
May 2017
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BMC Meeting
September 24, 2017
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Badger Marble Show
Sunday, October 29, 2017
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e-mail concerning the Badger Marble Club should be sent to:
Bill Bass (Badger Marble Club Treasurer) at: ibmarbls@pcii.net

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